Surviving Seattle - Day One

     So, as you probably all know by now, we just got married!  {Yay us!} 
We're a pretty stinking awesome couple, so we thought we'd share our adventures in a pretty stinking awesome way; hence this blog - Beauty and the Geek.
     Since you're either bored enough (or insane enough) to be reading these musings of an eccentric couple, I guess we will go ahead and ramble on about the first official day, collectively, as The Pearon's. Read on...if you dare...

*****Fair Warning - The jet lag might or might not have effected our writing skills, so bear with us. Hopefully, the content will have improved by week's end.*****

7:45 - Wake from a fitful night's sleep... 
8:05 - Wake up again
8:06 - Panic because we're running late
8:10 - Realize that we actually have plenty of time...cease panic mode.
8:25 - Scrounge for food in the kitchen
8:26 - Find scones.
8:27 - Devour scones.
8:29 - Hungry...look for more food.
8:30 - No food to be found...leave for airport.
9:00 - Arrive at airport.
9:01 - Walk around in terminal
9:15 - Realize we're hopelessly lost.
9:16 - Initiate panic mode.
9:25 - Saved by wonderful check-in lady. (Who might think we're morons now...)
9:35 - Waiting in line at security checkpoint.
9:39 - Begin removing necessary articles of clothing as directed by security personnel.
9:45 - Emerge on other side of checkpoint, mostly unscathed. (The cattle prod didn't leave any marks...)
9:47 - What is this? A mirage? A smoke and mirrors trick!?  Nope...they have food.  :)
9:48 - Start looking for desirable food...
9:55 - Val is ready...Matthew is still looking...
10:06 - Val begins tapping feet...Matthew breaks under the pressure and buys a Caesar Salad.
10:13 - Matthew finishes eating...commence boredom mode...
10:30 - Still in boredom mode...
10:40 - At last!  Boarding flight 5647 from Kansas City to Minneapolis/St. Paul.
11:05 - Wheels up. Begin ascent to 32,000.
12:10 - Begin descent and final approach to MSP. (Quick flight, eh?)
12:30 - Touchdown, MSP.
12:45 - Attempt to decipher Minnesotan accent...
12:53 - We know they are trying to communicate with us...tried smoke signals...then Morse code...
12:55 - Found translator..."begs" actually means "bags"...go figure.
12:56 - Found gate...waited...
2:20 - Boarded flight 3327 from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Seattle-Tacoma.
3:05 - Wheels up.  Begin ascent to 36,000.
5:00 - Begin decent and final approach to Sea-Tac.
5:13 - Touchdown...pilot informed us that the Seattle Seahawks defeated the New England Patriots...by one point. Many cheers! :)
5:14 - Evidently, our plane was a time machine!  The clock spun in reverse for two hours!
3:20 - Epic battle begins: Man vs. Baggage Claim  (cue epic music)
3:40 - Begin frantic search for Monorail.
3:57 - Found monorail...forgot to get tickets...
4:02 - Got tickets...began monorail ride through Seattle.
4:31 - Arrived at station...began long, confusing trek toward hotel.
4:35 - Turned around after discovering we were going the wrong way...
4:42 - Arrived at the hotel...collapsed from exhaustion...

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow as we discover the rest of Seattle...unless we drown in the rainfall.
We'll update you again tomorrow!

Goodnight, Seattle...

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